Let’s talk whole house surge protection. What is it? What do you need to know? And why is it an important investment for the safety of your family,  home-buyers and the devices we so depend on and enjoy.

This customer and his family are thankful they had installed a type 2 panel surge protector. they did there job well ans saved this customer thousands of dollars in electronics and appliance replacement. Lets not mention the hasel and the upset family members. Let Xtreme save you form angry kids, wife and spoiled food. Give us a call at 800-994-4978 for a free estimate.

120/240 Volt Panel Protector 4-Mode Protection
Real time diagnostic visual indicator shows power and suppression status for each protected phase
Standard J-Box metal enclosure
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Think of surge protection as a bouncer at a nightclub. He may only let certain people in and quickly tosses the troublemakers. Getting more interesting?

Well, a good whole-house surge protection device does essentially the same thing. It allows in only the electricity your home needs and not the unruly over-voltages from the utility company or mother nature, then it protects your devices from any trouble that can occur from surges inside the house.

Type 1 Surge Protection NOT PROVIDED BY Xtreme

Type 3 Surge Protective Devices
A Type 3 SPD is the one you’re probably already familiar with, such as a surge strip or battery backup unit with surge protection. Type 3s are used at the “point of use,” meaning you plug the device(s) you want to protect directly into an outlet on the Type 3 surge protector, then plug the surge protector into a standard power outlet. Most people use Type 3 devices as their first and only protection for your devices against power surges, but (as their name suggests) they’re actually designed to be the third and final chance to protect your device against a power surge… before your device takes the hit.

I can think of two primary benefits to combining a a Type 3 device (like a surge strip or a UPS unit) with a Type 2 device First, their effectiveness at preventing damage to your equipment is dramatically increased, because any surges on your system will be suppressed by the Type 2 device before it even reaches the Type 3. Second, your Type 3 surge protectors will last longer, because they’ll be required to kick in far less often, and under far less severe conditions, which will extend their service life. Give Xtreme a call for a complete assesment of your home's surge protection. Quotes are free and could end up saving you thousands.

Type 2 Surge Protective Devices

Type 2 SPD is installed at your “branch panel” (more commonly referred to as your breaker panel). It’s called your branch panel because it “branches” the power coming from your service panel out to all the circuits in your house. A Type 2 SPD (sometimes called a “panel protector”) wires directly to a dual-pole breaker in your panel, and can protect all the circuits in that panel, as well as any sub-panels that might be connected “downstream. Complete protection and peace of mind. You work hard for the luxuries, protect it all. Contact Xtreme for a free quote.

Most people think of surges as lighting, but 80 % of them are transient, (small intense bursts) causing  costly problems and are generated internal from the home. Generators and motors like those in Air conditioning and appliances produce mini surges. this is all amplified in the Florida heat when power company's struggle to keep up with